The goal of these experiments was to increase Meetup’s source of revenue: organizer subscriptions. The cumulative effect of these experiments was a +10% increase in subscriptions for 2019 Q1+Q2.

Starting with a tree to brainstorm opportunities and experiments, we then launched a series of experiments as split tests. We learned fast and helped revenue grow by over 10%.

1 designer+PM, 5 developers 


Although these two prototypes look similar, they tested different hypothesis.

Left. Our hypothesis that people on the guest home page were not aware that Meetup had groups proved true. Making them aware increased group starts by 171%.

Right. Our hypothesis that copying successful groups would motivate guests to start their own was proven wrong. Showing a shelf with curated groups did not increase conversion, so we removed it.

Adding groups on the guest home page increased conversion by 171%.

We tested 4 different design variants of a ‘seeded card’ or autogenerated group draft. The best performing design went on to generate +5.10% conversion.

Organizer pages increased conversions by 9.68%.

Autogenerated event drafts increased conversions by 5.35%
Lucia Tahan — hello@luciatahan.com
Berlin — NY