Tools for Show Prototype

Tools for Show streamlines exhibition design, making museum professionals’ work leaner, faster and more collaborative

Tools for Show is an online collaboration tool for museum professionals for managing all exhibition information in one digital model. This model allows for live syncing, archiving and creating user engagement tools which will be of increasing importance in engaging millennial and younger audiences.

Currently there is no standard workflow in the making of art exhibitions for museums. We conducted a survey among 81 museum professionals and found that one of their major pain points was the disconnection of the multiple software tools they were using. 50% responded that they felt they were likely to waste time on either preparing data for software or presenting and communicating the design to the team.

When I joined the team, Tools for Show was an idea. I turned the idea into a product, and produced all the visuals required to seek funding, present the product to the world and actually make an MVP with a developer.

1 CEO, 1 designer, 1 developer

Live, access available on request

Lucia Tahan —
Berlin — NY