User Testing

At foodora, the team conducts one user testing session a month. From dining with users, to guerrilla testing, or remote in Pakistan, we tested all over the world, and in every stage of feature development.

During my time at foodora, I participated in many user testing sessions, including: a remote session with users from Pakistan and Singapore; two sessions with users in Sweden where one designer was in Sweden and the observers’ room was in Berlin; a “dine with users session”; a guerrilla testing session in the streets of Berlin.

I organized a session in which we visited the customer care agents and worked alongside them for a day, discovering many of the insights they have from helping users overcome problems every day.

Here I am showing some material from the “dine with users” session. For the users’ privacy, the amount of material I can show is limited.
6-8 designers

Segment: Loyal ios users

  • ios users who have placed an order at least 3 times in the last month.
  • 30 - 39 years old
  • Living in Berlin
  • 3 Men / 3 women
  • Apple pay usage: 3 use frequently / 3 use sometimes

Prototypes and products tested

  • Live product - Entire order process
  • Staging app (Beta) - Item modifier feature
  • Prototype - Waste reduction and sustainable packaging opt-in programs
  • Packaging samples made of a compostable material

Screen recording of the staging and prototype test

Lucia Tahan —
Berlin — NY